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Welcome to the official website of the New Zealand Papillon Club (Inc).

Please visit our news page frequently for updates and announcements regarding upcoming club events and show results.

The club was established to promote the breed and bring together people who already had an interest in the Papillon. You don't have to show your dog to belong to the club; you don't even have to own a Papillon!

How to join?
Use the Join Now button on any page to download a membership application form. Fill it out and send to the club secretary together with your subscription. Alternatively, drop us a line, or give us a call. The secretary's contact details are on the contacts page.

How much?
There is a small fee per year, so that we can post you our quarterly newsletter.

What do you get?
The Papillon club publishes a newsletter four times per year, Vlinder Views.  It has information on the care of the breed, news around the country and the world and of course show results.

Positively Papillons:
Papillons (pronounced Pappy-yon) were, and still are, bred as companion dogs.  They like nothing more than to be with you as much as possible.  Owners quickly get used to the attention these lovable little dogs attract.

The Papillon is in the Toy group for conformation showing but is equally happy doing agility, obedience or flyball.  You don't have to show your Papillon, most are family pets who have duties such as early warning dogs, hot water bottles, companions, lap dogs, therapy dogs... the list is endless as the Papillon is so versatile.  They get on well with other breeds and are tolerant of children, although the children must be trained how to handle small dogs.

Whatever reason you chose a Papillon, every one has his own personality and will be a pleasure to have in your home.

Papillon Club china:
The New Zealand Papillon Club has commissioned a range of pottery pieces with the club logo.  Go to the merchandise page to see them and to find details on how to order.


The New Zealand Papillon Club is affiliated to the NZKC

Last updated:
5th November 2012

The New Zealand Papillon Club (Inc)
Established 1984