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Phoebe came to us two months after Tess and is our other lesser-known foundation bitch. While she not so much the type that we aspire to, she is the daughter of CH. Ohawe Master Sparky, who until February 2011 was the only long coat chihuahua ever to win Best In Show Allbreeds in New Zealand, and has produced some very good-looking puppies, including CH. Moonglade's Cassandra and CH. Moonglade's Gwendolen. She has a humble 10 challenges.


Weight: 2.12kg (4.7lb)

D.O.B: 9th October 2001

No fontanel

Mother to a total of eight pups, including CH. Moonglade's Doctor Finlay, Tess is our foundation bitch and first ever chihuahua. She was not shown extensively but still managed to amass 20 Challenge Certificates and 2 Best of Breeds during her limited time in the ring. Although she never self-whelped she was the ultimate caring mother, always cleaning and nursing her pups but also happy to let us handle them as much as we wished. She even saved the lives of Phoebe's first litter by allowing them to suckle when Phoebe initially rejected them. Her mothering skills are a testament to her beautiful nature: quiet, gentle and keen to stay out of trouble around the house! In her prime she weighed 2.1kg (4.6lb). Thank you, Tess, for introducing us to this wonderful breed and starting us on our epic journey.


21st August 2001 - 27th January 2013




CH. Phoebe Of Homebrook

CH. Tess Of Homebrook