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How it all began....

I met my first Japanese Chin in 1969 when my friend Tessa took me home to meet her mother, Joy Marbeck, who was the main breeder of Chins in New Zealand at the time. I fell in love with these gorgeous wee dogs and six years later, when I decided to get a dog, there was no other breed considered. I rang Mrs Marbeck and ordered my puppy, Dewi, which I received four months later. She was followed by two more adult dogs, Kai and Geisha. We lost Kai after four years but Dewi and Geisha lived to twelve and thirteen years respectively, and although I decided not to replace them, I made up my mind that if I ever had another dog, it would have to be a chin.

This didn't happen until 2000, when I decided to locate a breeder, which proved very difficult. I eventually rang Petline and they gave me the phone number of Trish and Colleen Ward (Raksha Kennels). They didn't have any puppies, but Colleen agreed to let me have a young bitch called Sherry, which my husband bought for my 50th birthday. Shortly after that we acquired Kaz to keep her company while we were at work.

We then decided that, as there were so few of them around, we would need to breed our own if we were to ensure that we always had one, and the next step, of course, was to register our kennel and start to show. So I headed to Melbourne and purchased Candy who has since proved to be a wonderful mother, although most of her pups have gone to pet homes to replace much-loved chins which have since passed on.

Our next step was to go to Sydney to see Maribel Eather who has been breeding and showing Chins under the kennel name Tieebah for around thirty years. She very kindly let me have Rose and Panda, and they have gone on to obtain New Zealand titles to go with their Australian ones and have given us some lovely puppies as well.

We were still short of good bitches so Maribel introduced me to her friend Jenny Claydon who has been breeding Chins even longer than Maribel, and eventually she sent me a lovely puppy, Hasu, who very quickly gained her title.

We have made some wonderful friends and travelled to many parts of New Zealand since we started showing our dogs and we hope to continue to do so for many years to come, our ultimate goal being to one day breed a Best In Show Japanese Chin.

  Christine Potts
Chiisana Japanese Chins
New Zealand